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FREE Graphic Organizer: Making Inferences - 1 graphic organizer Directions: Read the text to make an inference based on the information provided and what you already know. Remember, you want to reveal what the author isn't telling the reader directly.

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Are you teaching your students about making inferences? This inferencing product is FREE and includes various printables to help students understand how to infer using a variety of strategies. Teacher friendly and engaging for students, you're sure to love it!

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Making Inferences Case File: students work in cooperative groups to make inferences over the book or passage inside. Rotate the case file each day throughout the unit for students to gain exposure to different texts.

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Detective Inferences is a great way to allow your students to practice making inferences! These student friendly cards will make students feel like they're detectives on a case!

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Using movie shorts in the classroom can be very engaging. Guide your students to make inferences using a Pixar short. The post includes two free graphic organizers to help your students! Perfect to use for any book or video.

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