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DIY 2 Ingredient Crayon Lipstick Recipe and Tutorial from Hey Wanderer. A video tutorial is also linked. Note: it is recommended to use ONLY CRAYOLA CRAYONS - not generic crayons made in China that may contain lead or who knows what. For pages more of DIY beauty and spa recipes (milk baths, sugar scrubs, chocolate facials etc…) go here:

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Who wants to come with me? Let's just hop in a vehicle, drive down the little roads we've never been on, stop at the little creeks, just spend the evening driving and exploring and making memories...

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Dreaming of space exploration? Check out this photo album for inspiration! #earthspacescience #FLVS

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batwynn: “ Someone asked how I do the glowy thing, soooo, here’s some how to do the glowy thing in Manga Studio. :3 For more tutorials, please check out my Patreon to help keep me funded. ”

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let’s cuddle on a rainy day, watch old movies, and make out quotes quote words word saying sayings

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Shut Out The World For A Night Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter

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i love meeting new people who just hang around watching the popular ones and making them feel included

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Resume tutorial. We are becoming such a visual society. Having a well designed resume will definitely make yours stand out from the others!

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