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Wallaby Joey ........Native of Australia. Can go over 30feet in one hop. When standing they can use their tail as a third leg. They are very shy and are often nocturnal animals. Adult males are called buck, boomer or jack. Adult females are called doe, flyer, roo or jill. Babies are called joeys. A group of roos is called a mob. Natives of AUSTRALIA

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Kangaroos sparring in Austalia’s Grampians National Park is just one of many, possible wildlife encounters Down Under. And, a beautiful, scenic drive! View the photographic slideshow to see unique discoveries that can enhance your travel! Go to


Australia!!! ...this is how the kangaroos fight.....they stand on their powerful tails....look at the one standing in the background ?? applauding?....chuckle


DEMAND JUSTICE!!!!!!!!! Three kangaroos were bludgeoned and stabbed to death by a group of SUB-HUMAN SAVAGES that remain at large. Demand the killers be found and prosecuted to the full extent of the law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Sign and share Widely!


Seahorses are the only animals in the entire animal kingdom in which the male, not the female gives birth and cares for their young! The female seahorse deposits the eggs into the male's small pouch like a kangaroo where the eggs are fertilized and where the baby seahorses grow until it is time for them to be born.