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Connor Hill with link to "The 8 Most Attractive Male Models" from

This is him actually making me faint. | Meet Hideo Muraoka, Your New Favorite Male Model

MALE BEAUTY: a selection of world’s most beautiful male models ‹ 5election - The International Coolhunting Magazine

Nathan Owens ... Male Model ... Naturally. Hardest working Brother in the Industry. Damn. If only he were fit.

My idea of Brodie Grant if his hair was a bit longer. MALE MODELS OF THE WORLD: JUSTICE JOSLIN - USA

Daniel Bederov at Whilelmina Model Miami, Boom Models Milan, Nevs Models London, New York Model Management NYC, is portrayed exclusively for Male Model Scene by Jake Senfeld

Male Model Atesh Salih, Turkish father, German mother, face of Georgio Armani for men...Le sigh..I

COLIN WAYNE / © furiousfotog

MASCULINE DOSAGE Bryce Thompson by Rick Day. www.imageamplifie..., Image Amplified (11)


And he might just be the most beautiful man in the world. | This Male Model Is Really, Really Ridiculously Good-Looking

Hollister Male Models | "I have suddenly forgotten how to swim" | I can't swim anyways so I have a logical reason haha #abs #hollister

Handsome & Sexy /Hot Male Model /Ruben Cortada-Gideon Cross

Ryley Lanteigne by Maayan Ziv | oh yeah demigods

Supermodels aren’t just about the ladies: Here, we take a look at the biggest guys to ever grace the runway.

Billy Payne - model

Maxwell Zagorski Possible Andrew Parrish? ~ The Edge of Never... again, no clue who this is but damn!

• Black and White Model portrait male model 1000plusnotes adam kai strangeforeignbeauty •

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SEXY MALE MODEL Pinned by Ari Vandy, Sexiest Man Alive |For more man candy:

a hard day at the office lets get those clothes off

Dason told me that he wanted to quit his job as a teacher to become a male model for a low company male magazine. Although apprehensive- I didn't stop him, primarily because this would mean I would see him shirtless more than usual.

Goran Jurenec - Hunk du Jour - German-Croatian model - currently featured in the German male pinup calendar called "Men"

Kyle? | Jesse | Fresh Face Male Models