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Stopping the Zika virus: Mass sterilization of male mosquitoes

from ScienceDaily

Love hertz: Researchers find the perfect pitch to attract male mosquitoes

Mosquito trap with sound-lure attached. Sex sells when it comes to luring male mosquitoes, a new study has found. Researchers set out to make a cheap and effective audio lure for scientists collecting male Aedes aegypti mosquitoes -- the species that carries dengue and yellow fever. They found a tone of precisely 484 Hertz, the frequency of a female Aedes aegypti's wings, brought 95 percent of male mosquitoes to the trap.


“Will their GM DNA be injected into your arm or leg? Oxitec has counteracted this objection by stating they only plan to release male mosquitoes, which don’t bite. This again sounds good in theory… but in reality, sorting millions of insects according to sex is no small feat. And even FKMCD notes that although ‘every effort is made to release only males,’ Oxitec trials show that .03 percent of the mosquitoes released are female.” -Dr. Joseph Mercola (source)

from the Guardian

Zika virus: Floridians fear 'Pandora's box' of genetically altered mosquitos

Oxitec mosquito larvae are shown. Each male mosquito released by Oxitec will…

A 10th grader discovered a sound pattern that attracts male mosquitoes away from females. It could help to reduce mosquito breeding without genetic modifications or pesticides. (Maybe a good way to cover the mosquito-borne diseases we've been talking about?)

GMO MOSQUITOES ARE BEING RELEASED INTO THE WILD! Mosquitoes have been described as the world's deadliest animals. More aptly, this applies to female mosquitoes, which are the ones that bite humans. While male mosquitoes survive quite well by feeding off of flower nectar, females require meals of blood in order to develop and lay eggs. The problem is when a female mosquito pierces your skin with her proboscis: it's similar to inserting a hypodermic needle


No, GM mosquitoes did not start the Brazilian Zika outbreak. Only male mosquitoes were released & males don't bite. Discover Mag, Jan, 2016

Male mosquito, Anopheles maculipennis (atroparvus), 1901

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15 Amazing facts of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are the amazing insects in all over the world. Most amazing fact is only female mosquito bite humans and male mosquito only suck the plant nectar.