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After Alice Carter's husband was murdered she has trouble finding work as a doctor. She has no choice than to take a job as a male order bride to a doctor in Hope's Crossing. Dr. Jeremiah Kilarney, needs a nurse to assist him so he applies at Matchaker&CO. Can Alice and Jeremiah have a future when ghosts from her past still hold her heart?

Peacock: As the 4 living creatures around the throne of God with wings filled with eyes within & without. The male peacock has the beautiful train, his “glory,” used in order to attract his bride, just as our Bridegroom attracts us, His bride, with the train of His glory. He actually does have the ability to fly, but usually chooses not to, in order to be near the female; as our Bridegroom lowering & humbling Himself, in order to reveal His affection for us, reflecting His desire to be near…

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It’s here! My baby has been released into the world! And, I am very, very happy… Ask Me To Marry You, a MALE-order, mail-order bride story, sure to make you smile, was let out of the co…

ozonebabys-temple: According to feng-shui, “Peacocks are a symbol of beauty reminding us to take pleasure in the finer things in life. The Peacock is pure of heart, loyal and faithful to their partners. The male Peacock goes to great lengths to attract his heart’s desire. Display the image of the peacock in the relationship In ancient Shamanic Order from Venus. White Peacocks act as guardians of the Temple on the Planet Venus, warning of approaching visitors.

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Special Order Amy

Finished Special Order...Wedding at Sea. Love it!! Keywords: #cruiseweddings #jevelweddingplanning Follow Us:

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Wild Wings : Wildlife Art Prints, Lodge Decor and Rustic Home Furnishings : Wild Wings

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