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Man Art

# art. I love the way he is so lost in the music. Reminds me of one of my favorite movies "Shine"!

amazingly original, dynamic sculpture: "Burning Man 2005" by Todd Kurtzman Piece (photo: Scott London)

13 of the coolest art installations in the history of Burning Man | Matador Network

how_to_draw_the_human_head_2 by draw as a maniac, via Flickr

not sure how I graduated high school because I basically spent all my time in class drawing stuff like this !

The invisible man: Chinese artist painted (There's a whole set of this amazing man's art. Extremely cool.)

Kurt Wenner’s Amazing Spiderman Street Art : you have to click through to the source to really appreciate the details...

Stunning Photos of Burning Man Art by Trey Ratcliff

19 Disney Characters That Could Have Looked Completely Different | Flynn went through several stages of development; this one is based on Johnny Depp

African American art brings out everything I love about my culture. I want my house to be filled with artwork like this

"Big Round Cubatron" - a 3D dynamic light sculpture by Mark Lottor, 2006, in Black Rock City...from 30 of the coolest Burning Man art installations ever [pics] | Matador

20 Aphorisms That I Thought Were Dumb as a Boy But Now Appreciate as a Grown Man (The Art of Manliness)

Kirsten Berg, Constellation of One is a 8 foot tall star tetrahedron structure that is covered in bubble shaped mirrors

Im a Geek Man: 30 Day Photography Challenge. I wanna do this as an "art" project for the apartment.

Handsome Scruffy Man themoreitgrows-th... ★ || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES

Friendship 1 - Original Watercolor Archival Print - Man, Dog, Friendship, Park, Tree, Misty, Companion, Father's day on Etsy

33 Brain-Melting Works Of 3-D Sidewalk Chalk Art. This would be so fun to do! I love the PAC MAN one!

Opposition Ici, on remarque bien l'opposition entre deux environnements différents, d'un côté la ville et de l'autre la nature, les montagnes.

Stunning photos from this year's Burning Man by Scott London.

How to draw eyes// So my art professor would get mad tell us, "DO NOT use lines to draw realistic things. You just shade it." This has never made sense to me. He's just a silly old man.

Man in the Moon by James favorite painting!

The mirror man - An actual person and not a sculpture., He is a street performer who creates amazing living art in LA

These are just a few of many wonderful pieces by Italian sculptor Matteo Pugliese who lives and works in Milan. His bronze sculptures of men, often made from multiple components, appear to be trapped in the vertical space of gallery walls.

Jellyfish Lanterns carried by people at The Burning Man Art Festival I NEEED more jellies in my life. Great looks with a killer sting if you do not know how to touch.

"Whirlwind" - Paul Wright, oil on board {contemporary figurative #expressionist artist man head elderly face portrait abstraction texture grunge painting}