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demons run-when a good man-goes to war-night will fall-and drown the sun-when a good man goes to war-friendship dies-and true love lies-night will fall-and the dark will rise-when a good man-goes to war-demons run,-but count the cost-the battle's won,-but the child is lost


A comic that isn't recognized all that often is Blue Ear he's a man with a hearing aid and he actually was created because a boy refused to wear his hearing aids so his mother tried to contact marvel because his reason for not wearing them was 'no super hero wore hearing aids' so his mother tried and tried to get the boy to put them on by talking about Hawkeye but that didn't help. So marvel worked with another company to create blue ear.


Who? Why? Sebastian Stan. And because he can! (That rhymes rather conveniently...) But he is literally awesome!

Gonna miss this glorious bastard

Gonna miss this glorious bastard


Obama had the best views and vision of any president in MY generation as of right now. seriously, everyone needs to hear this and realize how silly it is that men are making decisions on laws aimed towards women, which most of them don't understand us and what we go through anyways...


OPI Where Did Suzi's Man-Go? from the OPI Brazil Collection for Spring/Summer 2014! (Click through to see an in-depth review & more swatches!)


With you, I'm a better person. I live harder. I love deeper. I laugh until my stomach hurts. I choke up when you leave and think about you all day. I'm not going to let you go, I don't think I ever could. *The better man project