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Man Ray photogram I could use the film in my own photograms as they let some light through allowing the photo to be seen

Rayograph Man Ray (American, Gelatin silver print, 11 x 9 x cm). © 2011 Man Ray Trust / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris

Man Ray. Although commonly dubbed as the photogram today, there’s a pleasant science-fiction flavor to Man Ray‘s original coinage, the Rayograph. It’s basically a photograph, although one created without the use of a camera. A Rayograph is created by placing objects directly onto a chemically “sensitized” surface and then exposing them to light

Photogram - Man Ray I like the way the paper curls in this photogram, I want to try this so I will prepare some curled paper ready to photogram

Man Ray, Experience: life, everyday objects, makeup - women + daily routine

Man Ray (Emmanuel Radnitzky) - Untitled Rayograph (Comb, Straight Razor Blade, Needle and Other Forms)

MAN RAY Rayograph, 1926 print ca. 1963 Gelatin silver print #manray #photography

ratak-monodosico: “ MAN RAY Rayograph, 1926 print ca. 1963 Gelatin silver print x cm. Eastman House Museum of Photography & Film, Rochester, New York ”

Man Ray Portraits: Man Ray (1890-1976): Untitled (Self-Portrait with Camera), 1930 Man Ray / He was an American artist who described as a modernist, he was a significant contributor to both the Dada and Surrealist movements; although his ties to each were informal. ay is also noted for his work with photograms, with the artist coining the term "Rayographs" in reference to himself. (1890-1976)

Man Ray's portraits: from Pablo Picasso to Catherine Deneuve – in pictures

Man Ray Self-Portrait with Camera, 1932 by Man Ray. Man Ray Portraits at the National Portrait Gallery Feb 7 to 27 May. 150 images of his assistant and lover Lee Miller, plus friends including Dali and Picasso.

Man Ray: No title (Metal coil) 1922 - gelatin silver photograph photogram (called rayograph by the artist).

Man Ray, Untitled Rayograph, From the portfolio Les Champs délicieux (The Delicious Fields)