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But take your game and play elsewhere.... this one does not play well with idiots <3

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How to spot an emotional manipulator. They twist your words, they say something but mean another, they guilt trip you, they're passive aggressive, it's always about them.

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This is totally BM. She can manipulate anyone and any situation! And we somehow are always the "bad guys".

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Lol I could send this to some people but only to one "woman" and see if she would even get

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when you get fed up & you refuse to put up with their shit, they blame you for something....anything. They just can't get that you doing what you feel is best for you...which is not them.

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9 Comebacks For Dealing With a Manipulator

When you deal with a manipulator, it can feel like you've lost control of the situation. Here are some great comebacks for dealing with manipulators...

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guilt and shame and blame How they spin the guilt so easily~ if they feel your life is changing for the better without them....they will make you feel guilty

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