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From a celebration for #WorldPoetryDay by the National Autistic Society @Dan Uyemura Uyemura Alex is this poem 'Sensory Overload' was written by Matty Angel, a woman with autism who lives in supported accommodation


"May the fog roll o'er the Irish hills, glistening gold in the sun. Perfect redemption, sweet release -- comfort, for all is won. Forever solitude, in the rich green grass. Always perfect, n'er a reason to say, 'All is forgotten... alas.' Jump o'er the ocean, skip o'er the sea. Everything will be perfect -- just stay with me." --Pinterest username "AlyssaTaylor101"


3rd Class:There were over 1000 third class passengers on the Titanic. Their accommodation was much more modest than the other two classes. The rooms comprised mainly of two to six berth rooms. There were only 84 two-berth cabins onboard.

from Pallet Ideas

Repurposed Pallet Made Dog House

Almost all of us own different pets and indiscriminately we all love them as if they are also a member of our families, then at the same time this brings me more conviction that we must also treat them accordingly. Like we not just take care of their food and its hygiene and a couple of other things but we also must look for the better opportunities to arrange proper accommodation for them. And this thought could be materialized by repurposing the wood pallet, and right here we have got a…