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People used to set manual testing against automated. The both ways of software verification have benefits and drawbacks.

Automated testing, as well as manual one, undergoes well if the test cases are correctly described. Manual testing has a range of problems during the tests writing. Manual tests are created for people, this fact defines their specifics.

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The QA Role - What Is It Really?

On several occasions I’ve witnessed companies, who have decided to develop software using agile methodologies, view the QA role in teams as basically a waterfall tester who is involved with automated tests. By this I mean someone who performs all the manual testing of the product required within the team, and who is also exposed to test code (the latter depends on many factors, and is explained fully here).


Importance of Software Test AutomationSoftware Testing plays an important role in Software Development lifestyle. Doing manual testing is not enough. We should go for Automation Testing also. This video will explain the need for doing Test Automation.