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121 Definitions of Architecture

There are at least as many definitions of architecture as there are architects or people who comment on the practice of it. While some embrace it as...


A Taurus crush is down to earth and consistent. Taurus | Taurus Quotes | Taurus Zodiac Signs


This is not American.. this is simple and plain GREED ANS SELFISHNESS to the point that many crimes have been committed. The second problem is the people who are also involved are trying to hide. ALL have sold out their country, supporters, and worst their souls to evil! This country is more then vulnerable now, it can be lost if people don't find conviction and get their hearts right with God!!

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Hillary's Team Trashes Catholics & Christians In Disgusting Leaked Email

The blows to Hillary Clinton just keep coming, thanks to Wikileaks. Among today's batch of newly dumped emails is one that is spreading like wildfire and angering countless citizens across the country. The content is truly disgusting and incredibly disrespectful toward Catholic and Christian voters. Although there are many, this is definitely one at the top of the list of those that Hillary will wish had never seen the light of day.

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Garbage Bread

GARBAGE BREAD!! This is a simple recipe that can be adapted SO many ways! Bacon Cheeseburger Garbage Bread is our favorite, but throw your leftovers in a pizza crust and roll it up! The possibilities are endless.


Women reapply lip products as many as 20 times per day. The accumulated ingestion of chemicals is definitely a serious and hidden health risk. Make the easy swap to a safe lipstick like @makeupbysanha did. Right now, buy any Fruit Pigmented Pomegranate Oil Anti Aging Lipstick and receive any Mascara FREE! 💄 Calendula 💄 Magnolia 💄 Primrose


My kids school needs this because many kids are victims without anyone doing anything about it, and when the child being bullied reacts they end up getting in trouble! Great Poster on What IS Bullying... Exclusion, Physical, Lies or Rumors, Threats, Verbal Abuse or Teasing... Generally a Combination of the Above


"We are going to end up with one of these flawed candidates regardless of how much we stomp our self-righteous feet. Bottom line, the leaders of a country many times reflect the spiritual condition of the people they are called from....