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Beginning Mapping First Grade- Social Studies- Geography Strand- Spatial Thinking and Skills- Maps can be used to locate and identify places I would use this activity to help the students understand the different levels of mapping, we would look at different types of maps to get to where they live. (Ex: Solar system, globe...) Me on the Map- By Joan Sweeney

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Wall hangings of an astronomical theme, circa 1850. Printed lithographically on cotton, probably to avoid paper duty. / Sacred Geometry <3

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antique Constellation star map circa 1900s vintage map of stars visible in Britain Astronomy star chart blue white

I like the idea of adding a quality of timelessness to the piece, perhaps through something like this in the set. Although the piece is set in modern day, the yearning for the stars and for connection is hardly modern.

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Keep Track of Every Mission Throughout The Solar System With This Handy Map

There’s been dozens of probes that have gone out exploring the solar system since 1959's Luna 2 probe. PopChartLab has gone and noted down each one since in this beautiful poster of the Solar System.

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A limited edition grand orrery, George Gyori, recent, mounted on a wooden ebonised base, separated by brass and wooden columns, engraved wit...

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FREE Learning About the Planets Printables

This FREE Learning About The Planets is a unit study about our Solar System for elementary students. Included in this unit study are student worksh

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The Moons of the Solar System Art Print

The Moons of the Solar System // Dan Matutina. Who knows, might be useful?

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Science art - Wright’s Celestial Map of the Universe (1742) astronomy educational poster - 13"x19" 32.9x48.3 cm recovered image

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