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So true. I have never felt so much accomplishment in my life.

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Marathon. A downloadable poem. Monday, April 21, 2014 is the Boston Marathon. Remember those who were killed or injured last year, and their families. This is a poem for marathon runners. Run well, runners!

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anything over 10 miles and I'm always starving afterwards!!!

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The reason I'm pinning this is that I really thought it was talking about Netflix marathons. I was like yes! I can watch a season in a day! Anything is possible! Then I realized how truly fat I am. Lol I'm dying!

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7/28/84 to10/26/14. Marathon dreams…

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"it's about conquering the distance..."

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Meant to be marathon inspiration but I like the idea for dieting inspiration.., just replace 26.2 w/ amt I want to lose.

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motivation for Memphis in December, first marathon ever ;)

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For more #running tips, #motivation and support, join my FREE running group on…

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Goal #1 What is possible. Goal #2 What people tell me is impossible. Thank you Walt. And Thank you Shaklee :)

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