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8. Bryan Cranston

How To Create Nicely With Others Cranston, thankfully, works much better with collaborators than Walter White. In this second installment of our interview with him for Fast Company's Most Creative People issue, Cranston talks about how to handle creative differences while maintaining the quality of the project. And trust falls. still to read.

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Marc Andreessen ( *born July 9, 1971) is an American entrepreneur, investor, software engineer, and multi-millionaire best known as co-author of Mosaic, the first widely-used web browser, and co-founder of Netscape Communications Corporation.

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Always Early: Marc Andreessen's Five Big Ideas That Have Shaped the Internet

It is one thing to be right once, or even twice. But Marc Andreessen has been consistently right about where things are going for 20 years. What he is thinking about next? My guess is that it has something to do with mobile.

Marc Andreessen On The Future Of Enterprise

In doing research for a post on “The Enterprise Cool Kids” at the tail end of last year, I interviewed Silicon Valley veteran Marc Andreessen about where he thought the enterprise was headed.

The Man Who Makes the Future: Wired Icon Marc Andreessen

Marc Andreessen interview in Wired magazine "The man who makes the future"

Marc Andreessen offended 1b Indians with a single tweet

Marc Andreessen offended 1b Indians with a single tweet

Marc Andreessen: Predictions for 2012 (and beyond)

The venture capitalist has been tweeting up a storm, sharing his thoughts on everything from startups to activist shareholders. In an exclusive interview, Andreessen offers his take on the Apple Watch, bitcoin and dot-com blunders.

Marc Andreessen on Why Optimism Is Always the Safest Bet