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Marco Rubio -- I like this quote because it reminds me what the American Dream really is about -- not a standard of living or getting rich but about having the same opportunity as everyone else to go after what is important to you. It is the freedom and opportunity we preserve and hand down to our kids -- not money and things.

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I'm sad about Cecil the lion too, but I am devastated over how many babies are murdered everyday for the sake of convenience. Just like the lion, one baby's death is too many

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"Everything that I will ever accomplish, I owe to God, to my parents' sacrifices and to the United States of America." Senator Marco Rubio

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But, the reprobate mind has ascended the bench, and it will continue to legislate laws into effect based on its social agenda.

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Daily Affirmation for January 27, 2015 #affirmation #inspiration - "I have more energy and stamina than ever before."

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THIS IS WHAT MSNBC CONSIDERS NEWS?!?! - MSNBC plays ‘Rubio sip’ 155 times Between at 5 a.m. and 11 p.m. Wednesday. Rachel Maddow, who showed the moment playing on a loop at the bottom of the screen for 13 minutes. She accounted for playing the “Rubio sip” 101 times during her show Wednesday night at 9. -- Barack 'Benghazi' Obama is destroying the country and MSNBC chooses to focus on a man having a sip of water. *smh* #sotu

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Marco Rubio apparently doesn't know that you can rebuild part of a house. #FlawedAnalogies

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