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Clean utility room - can be part of a "mud room" at the private family entry to the house, ex: from garage to house

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What Is Utility?

Measures and Properties of Utility: Marginal Utility

Say hello to Circuit Breaker's gadget bot on Facebook Messenger I'm proud to announce a new experiment we're trying at CES this year: a Facebook Messenger bot of marginal utility. If you hit up Circuit Breaker on Facebook Messenger you'll be talking to a robot. Ask for "gadget" and you'll get a random Circuit Breaker post a great way to cut through the noise of CES via arbitrary selection. You can also ask the bot for things like "review" "top story" and "drone." Need some tech support?…

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Jim Gaffigan on the diminishing marginal utility of children. #diminishingmarginalutility #ECONShots #teachecon #economics #econed #K12EconEd

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Marginal utility -- "The gain from an increase, or loss from a decrease, in the consumption of a good or service."