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Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey. Two Legends made a classic hit song "When you believe" still a favorite track.


Mariah Carey-- fabulous! Butterfly album = one of my favorites. <3 love it love it :)

Call me crazy, but I prefer this 1993 Mariah much more than 2014. This pic was before spray tans, ghetto talk and blondifying. This was the NY, half white/half black girl with the curly hair who could sing like nothing we've ever heard before!! This was my favorite Mariah!


Mariah Carey and Will Smith. I have no idea if this pic is legit, but all I could think was... whaaaaaa???? lol

Mariah Carey 7th Grade 1982 Oldfield Junior High, Greenlawn, NY


Mariah Carey ~ Thank you for making the best & most inspirational music ever! :)