Marie-Antoinette and her children. Painted by Elisabeth Louise Vigee-Lebrun

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Princess Sophia Helene Beatrice of France was the fourth child and 2nd daughter of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. She was such a large baby and sadly perished from convulsions on June 19, 1787 at age 11 months when she was teething.

NOT baby Princess Sophie of France, day. of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI, but their son, Louis Charles (later nominated Louis XVII).

Marie Antoinette with her children. 1787. Marie Louise Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun.

What Happened to Marie Antoinette's Children?

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marie antoinette children 1785

1785 Marie Antoinette Walking in the park at Versailles with her Children, Louis Charles and Madame Royale by Adolf Ulrich Wertmüller

Marie Antoinette  ~ 1775

Marie Antoinette Hair Styles Over the Years

Marie Antoinette, Queen Consort of France; by Jean-Baptiste Gautier Dagoty, c. Wife of Louis XVI of France.

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Marie Antoinette, the ‘Queen of Fashion’!

Marie Antoinette of Austria, Queen of France, Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun, 1783

Marie Antoinette. As you can see, this look worn by actress Kirsten Dunst (one of Sofia Coppola's most beloved leading ladies) screams full-on luxury.

How To Dress Like You're A Sofia Coppola Character

From the movie "Marie-Antoinette". Little girl costumes and love the hats! Costumes by Milena Canonero

Marie Antoinette--thus painting is so beautiful. It almost looks like a photograph!

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Marie Antoinette with her two eldest children, Marie-Thérèse Charlotte and the Dauphin Louis Joseph, in the Petit Trianon's gardens, by Adolf Ulrich Wertmüller (1785).

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Queen Marie Antoinette of France with her children, Princess Marie Therese Charlotte of France and Dauphin Louis Joseph of France, Museo Nazionale, Stoccolma, Adolf Ulrik Wertmüller

A portrait of Marie Therese and Louis Charles by Ludwig Guttenbrunn source: my scan from Marie Therese by Susan Nagel

A portrait of Louis-Charles and Marie-Therese Charlotte, children of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette by Ludwig Guttenbrunn. source: my scan; Marie-Therese: The Fate of Marie-Antoinette’s Daughter by Susan Nagel

"Dear God, have mercy on me! My eyes have no more tears to cry to you, my poor children,  Adieu! Adieu!" Marie Antoinette's last letter

"Dear God, have mercy on me! My eyes have no more tears to cry to you, my poor children, Adieu!" Marie Antoinette's last letter

Marie Antoinette: "I was a queen and you took away my crown; a wife and you killed my husband; a mother and you deprived me of my children. My blood alone remains; take it. But do not make me suffer long

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On this day RIP Queen Marie Antoinette! Marie Antoinette - She is the great granddaughter of husband of great grand niece of husband (Edward IV) of my great grandmother, Elizabeth Woodville.

Marie Antoinette - I will probably dress my daughter as Marie Antoinette!

Marie Antoinette - Halloween Costume Contest at

This is my daughter Addison (age in a homemade Marie Antoinette costume. I purchased the silk, silk taffeta and other trim at a discount fabric store and started by making a basic dress. I improvised with all the trimming on the dress.

Marie Antoinette en chemise, portrait of the queen in a "muslin" dress, by Élisabeth Vigée-Lebrun (1783). This controversial portrait was viewed by her critics to be improper for a queen.

Rococo [ruh-KOH-koh]: florid or excessively elaborate

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DETAIL - Adolf Ulrik Wertmüller, Queen Marie-Antoinette and two of her Children Walking in the Park of Trianon 1785

Carriage used by Marie Antoinette children

I just finished reading To The Scaffold: The Life of Marie Antoinette by Carolly Erickson. One of history's most misunderstood figures,.