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medici family tree |Leonora di Toledo Medici. Daughter of Don Garzia di Toledo of Spain, brought up in the Medici household in Florence, then married to Pietro Medici. Murdered by her husband for infidelity. Pietro's sister was Isabella De Medici - this portrait is often mistaken for Isabella. See my pin "Murder of a Medici Princess" for their fascinating story.


Thesis-1: Politiques are people like Henry IV and Elizabeth I because they were both religiously tolerant and good to their citizens. Philip II was not like Henry and Elizabeth because he tried to make everyone Catholic.


Marie de Medici in coronation dress, by Frans II Pourbus the Younger (1610). The Beau Sancy sits atop the coronation crown Passed down through the Royal Families of France, England, Prussia and the House of Orange, the 34.98 carat modified pear double rose cut diamond, which experts say came from the Golconda region in India, has been the silent, glittering witness of 400 years of European history. Most notably, the stone sat atop the magnificent crown worn by Marie de Medici in 1610


Marie de Medici - Maria Tuscanny - (1573-1642) became the second wife of King Henry IV, in 1600. After his assassination, she was regent for her son Louis XIII. She reversed the policies set by her husband and nearly bankrupted France with her extravagance. Her son Louis XIII eventually forced her into exile, where she lived with the artist Peter Paul Rubens. Her lifestyle deteriorated as an exile and she died in abject poverty in Germany. Her son later repented his treatment of his mother.