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This Order of Precedence chart for the United States Marine Corps (received by the Library in 1991) is used by Marines to determine how decorations are to be worn on a uniform. The list begins with the Congressional Medal of Honor and proceeds to the right. It also explains the devices used on those decorations that may represent information about the number of additional awards of a decoration or number of campaigns or operations served.


This is my first shadowbox-scrapbook combo. My son Josh was awarded the Silver Army R.O.T.C Medal. Since he is going into the Marine Corps (only Army ROTC at his college) he can't wear it. I put this together for him to hang on his dorm room wall.

Colonel Gregory "Pappy" Boyington, Marine Corps Ace credited with the destruction of 28 Japanese aircraft, was awarded the Medal of Honor "for extraordinary heroism above and beyond the call of duty" while in command of a Marine Fighting Squadron in the Central Solomons Area from 12 September 1943 to 3 January 1944. He was shot down over Rabaul on the latter date, and his capture by the Japanese was followed by 20 months as a prisoner of war.


On this day in 1943, Medal of Honor recipient Capt. Joseph Foss shot down three Japanese planes, tying him for the Marine Corps record of 26 aerial kills.


Dr. Donald Chitty - served in the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War. He earned 12 Purple Hearts and numerous other medals. At one point he was so badly injured he was put in a body bag and left for dead. He now pastors a church on the Navajo Reservation in Waterflow, NM.


Medal of Honor recipient, Cpl. Tony Stein WWII, deliberately stood upright from cover to draw enemy fire to him and away from pinned down marines, and to ascertain enemy locations, then charged them and killed 20 enemy soldiers before he ran out of ammunition. His weapon fired 100 rounds in 5 seconds.

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