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Infographic on shark finning and the importance of sharks in marine ecosystems - Pew Environment Group


New study estimates 1 million marine species - one third still unknown


This is one of three graphics that explain what happens if humans continue to push sharks toward extinction. Annihilating an apex predator will have major downstream consequences to marine ecosystems. Click to see the others.


Sadly, overfishing is no joke.


Oceans, aligns with UN Global Goal #12, Women in Science, Marine ecosystems


Smithsonian Ocean Portal: Coral reefs are the most diverse of all marine ecosystems.

from The Independent

Scientists are warning of humanity's 'biggest hidden danger'

Warming of oceans could be humanity's 'greatest hidden challenge'. A vast amount of heat and carbon dioxide has been absorbed from the atmosphere by the oceans and there are fears of devastating consequences for the marine ecosystem – and, in particular a decline in fish stocks at a time when the world’s population is growing dramatically. We must cut greenhouse gas emissions drastically and rapidly.


Burgess Shale Geology | The Cambrian Explosion and the Origin of Modern Marine Ecosystems


Animal agriculture accounts for most of the water consumed in this country, emits two-thirds of the world's acid-rain-causing ammonia, and it the world's largest source of water pollution--killing entire river and marine ecosystems, destroying coral reefs, and of course, making people sick. Try to imagine the prodigious volumes of manure churned out by modern American farms: 5 million tons a day, more than a hundred times that of the human population, and far more than our land can possibly…

Norway - Photo by Shane McGuire