They're back! Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss has sent twitter users into a frenzy when he shared a snap of Sherlock's in-house skull sporting bizarre glasses, much to the delight of his 634,000 followers

Mark Gatiss and Louise Brealey from Mark's Twitter

Mark Gatiss is one of my heroes!!! He's so great and evil ^^

Been waiting so long for this Sometimes I look at Gatiss and laugh, because my high school theater teacher made it a point of telling us that there's no use trying to be writer/director/actor for a single piece. Then I look at Gatiss and I just want to laugh in my teacher's face.

This can be our fandom's own Bloody Mary legend. If you film yourself praising Mark's brilliance, he'll appear and kiss you!

Actually in His Last Vow, Mycroft is listed as a previous MI6 agent---*unsurprised sigh*

Mark Gatiss being amazing as always!!!

I don't think I've ever seen Mycroft as an animal. Accurate.

Mark Gatiss - one of the world's most brilliant writers. To you sir, i say "Thank you." As I read more and more about the subtleties in this show and his writing, I am just blown away. I really can't wait for even more and then the months spent afterwards analyzing the hell out of it. :)

Mark Gatiss marking people for death

"Mark Gatiss true story" - Mark Gatiss is amazing, and I adore that silly little curl of hair above his forehead. :3

I love Gattiss, even though he's a horrid twitter troll. D,:

That moment when the writer of Doctor Who, co-writer of Doctor Who, and the Doctor competed in a Doctor Who quiz... ... And lost

Why???!! Why must people I will never meet always demonstrate that they would be perfect friends..... ~~R

Mark Gatiss as Mycroft Holmes

Mark #Gatiss

Mark Gatiss on how to pronounce his surname :D<< thought he was talking about Sherlock and John XD whoops.

It's not real... Can we just talk about MG giving an interview whilst sitting cross legged on a table?

Mark Gatiss and Rupert Graves at the Sherlocked Event 2015-- Well that has to go *gestures at moustache*

This Should Help Save A Few Characters' Lives<<<Ben's face AND YES>>> Maybe we'll be allowed to keep Sherlock for a couple season. ;)

Not that I'd try, but if I did that I know I'd get poked with the umbrella back it hit with it!)

The evil plan to destroy the Sherlock fandom - I'm sorry but I actually love them! No one else can screw with my emotions but make me happy about it and come back for more time and time again.

Mycroft plays the spoons.

Writers don't have to worry about pesky accusations of first-degree murder or manslaughter or anything that could get you put away for a very long time.

David Tennant and Mark Gatiss... I don't know what's happening, but it's amazing.