House of Leaves - an experimental novel. Horror, thriller, and totally messes with your mind. The reader also wrote an interesting review of the book.

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The original little black book...? The closest I can get to a source for this is image is the following article "What follows is a conversation between the book designer Peter Mendelsund and the author Mark Z. Danielewski."

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House of Leaves Avant guard you really have to workfor it. Sarah c liked it. Matt thought it was nonsense. Ada says it's a puzzle book. Compare to David Lynch.

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One of my favorite quotes (in a long list of many) from my favorite book, House Of Leaves by Mark Z Danielewski

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House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski | 23 Underrated Books Every Horror Fan Needs To Read ASAP

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House of Leaves by on my list after Devil in the White City (Erik Larson)

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