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Best way to flirt…

I would so accept a date and some broccoli from a dude that did that for me, and I don't even like broccoli :P

I usually hate seeing tumblr posts on pinterest and avoid reblogging them but this one could not be passed up. Dayumm!

I love that movie sooooo much it's my favorite...I just saw a pic of Logan and was caught off guard and poked myself in the won't stop watering...owwwwweowww!!!!!

Flirting and being kind is one thing and just being friends is great too, but emotional attachment is still cheating… Be careful, there is a fine line… YOU do not have to touch in real life for it to be cheating – apparently everyone does it… but it does not make it fine for …

Ex husbands! Lying pig. You act like I don't know that you are in a relationship and have a baby on the way yet you feel it's appropriate to try to contact me when your drunk? Gettouttaaahereee I haven't talk to you in how long? Oh yeah forever lol

Don't sleep w a married man you won't have to deal with his wife and and him talking to other girls and flirting and cheating jajaja

I Don't Need To Flirt. I Will Seduce You With My Awkwardness Pretty sure this shirt was also meant for me.