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Brazilian Jiujitsu- the gentle art Teaches one to be egoless, humble, ground techniques and selfdefense

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Wing chun Basic Primary Blocking techniques. #wingchun #wingchuntechniques #martial arts

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Unconventional Self Defense Tips

Real martial arts… ›› I may have laughed a bit too hard at this>>>excuse the language but it's a good skill to learn ==>>BWAHAHAHAHA!!

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Best Martial Arts for Self Defense

Best Martial Arts for Self Defense | Learn The Best Techniques To Fight Off Attackers By Survival Life

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Krav Maga basics. You never know when Israeli military self defense techniques will come in handy. Hopefully never.

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Knockout Workout – Upper body work does not always have to have pull ups and push ups nor does it require weights. A dynamic approach that employs shadow boxing moves and precise martial arts techniques pushes the muscles to work in both concentric and eccentric ways increasing effective power and speed. Don’t spare yourself, the Knockout workout is here to help you.

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Israeli Martial Arts: Krav Maga As A Post SHTF Self Defense Technique - From Desk Jockey To Survival Junkie

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Hand Speed Exercises for Martial Arts

In addition to building strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination, martial artists may train to toughen up their bodies. Tougher forearms, hands, shins and torso are better able to take and give strikes with less pain or fewer injuries. Tougher forearms specifically can deliver harder blows and more effective blocks. Speak with your doctor...

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