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"And the winner is not Sherlock. . . I love Martin's face and even more that Amanda can't stop laughing. GIF" - Martin looks ready to kill the next person who dares to speak to him, lol. And poor Bradley James in the .gif that accompanies this. He looks so annoyed, lol.

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I base my ideal relationship on these two, possibly my favorite couple ever. Look at him, he's like a cat or a puppy.

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Martin Freeman and his partner, actress Amanda Abbington, and the couple's two children, Joe and Grace.

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"They are so perfect for each other, I just love them. <3" << same <<< Same! They're so adorable!!!

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Amanda Abbington (Martin's wife) response to John being compared to a hedgehog. This is just magic! Bahahaah.

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Martin Freeman's reaction to Tumblr--Dear Lord, he reads this stuff with her?? I thought it was impossible to love them more!!!

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How Tim from The Office found real love: Amanda Abbington on life with Martin Freeman

At that minute Martin walked in and I just had a thunderbolt. It dawned on me: “Oh, God it’s him!” We flirted with each other all day and when I went home he texted me, saying “You left and I wasn’t done flirting with you. That’s a bit rude”, which I thought was really smooth. —Amanda Abbington on how she met Martin Freeman. (click for the full story) Ok Stop! This is adorable!

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Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman I'm sorry that I can't scroll past a picture of them without pinning it.

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"Martin Freeman, so humble." <---- HAHAHHA THIS COMMENT!!

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Apparently, Martin Freeman knows that we compare him to a hedgehog... He and his wife went on Tumblr one day

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