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Martin Freeman

1 hour ago

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Martin Freeman, mostly known as Dr. John Watson on BBC's Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman were very much in character as they shot scenes for the forthcoming special episode at Gloucester Cathedral.

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Twitter picture of Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch on the set of series 3..

Martin Freeman - best Gollum impression! I know I've already posted this, but this video includes the next question which just makes it all the more hilarious :D

Martin Freeman Does Not Want to be Your Friend |

At that minute Martin walked in and I just had a thunderbolt. It dawned on me: “Oh, God it’s him!” We flirted with each other all day and when I went home he texted me, saying “You left and I wasn’t done flirting with you. That’s a bit rude”, which I thought was really smooth. —Amanda Abbington on how she met Martin Freeman. (click for the full story) Ok Stop! This is adorable!

Sir Ian McKellen interviewed by Martin Freeman about all things Middle Earth. Click through, it's wonderful

Foreword by Martin Freeman. He is just too adorable for words! He mentions Ben!! He ALWAYS mentions Ben! AH!

Foot shocked! Martin Freeman, Luke Evans, and Benedict Cumberbatch react to one castmate's feet-- that is adorable!

Martin Freeman :) Okay, these just may be the most ADORABLE photos of this man I have ever seen!

His middle finger game is unreal. | 23 Reasons Why Martin Freeman Is A Wonderful English Gift To Humanity

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When he and Martin Freeman shared a moment on The Hobbit red carpet. | 37 Times In 2013 Benedict Cumberbatch Proved He Was King Of The Internet

  • Milan

    Martin's head turn is like Kermit the frog I AM NOT SORRY LMAO

  • fandom master

    naughty naughty Benedict.....

  • Melody Pond

    XD his face

  • Abby Pearson

    Benedict's face at the very end of the top one

  • Lisandra Ramos

    I fucking died reading his reddit ama: "We like nothing better than buffing our zygoma. And imagining a horny time traveling long overcoat purple scarf wearing super sleuth nordic legend fuck fantasy. Get to work on that, internet."

57 British Actors Every Geek Will Recognize << I didn't know Britain had 57 actors. I am pretty sure I just see the same 10 over and over again.

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Martin Freeman is awesome

  • Jennifer Marranci

    I am smitten with Mr. Freeman and his perfectly shaped to the point of distraction head.

After otters like Benedict Cumberbatch, tumblr now presents hedgehogs like Martin Freeman #Sherlock

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“Just lemme send this Snapchat right quick…” | And Now For Martin Freeman Dancing Awkwardly In Background Of Your Favorite Movies. Hahahahahahahahaha...

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Jackson captioned the photo, "Smaug admires Bilbo's feet." | Martin Freeman And Benedict Cumberbatch On The Set Of "The Hobbit"

Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman

  • Le Heichou Levi De Survey Corps

    *Jawn waves wand* "Winggardium Leviosa~" *Sherlock sighs and waves own wand* "Jawn it's Leviossah not Leviosa." *floats there for a second* "How do we get down..."

  • CheezNurd

    nice but shopped. 'Martin' is actually Johnny Lee Miller, taken during their run as Frankenstein in 2012

  • Bridget Kensington

    lol anytime! ;)

  • Hannah Birmingham

    Yeah.. It was Johnny Lee Miller.. Thanks I couldn't remember his name

  • Bridget Kensington

    uhg. I was afraid this was photoshopped -_- (I think it was Johnny lee Miller originally, I'm not sure)

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Martin Freeman. Love Him! But sometimes I can't tell if he is joking or is actually that vain.....

  • Ruth P

    I love the look on his face in the last picture.... it's like "What is so funny? I was being serious." :) Love you, Martin....

  • Liv


  • Zoe

    Nice! I sent the invite :)

  • Zoe

    Hi :) I'm starting a group board called "Fandom Men We Love" if you'd like to join in follow it so I can invite you !! :D

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Martin Freeman slams Amanda bashers... Good for him... because clearly they are adorable together.

  • Milan

    Why would anyone bother bashing her?! She's beautiful and they're lovely together.

Look at those dance moves. | 23 Reasons Why Martin Freeman Is A Wonderful English Gift To Humanity

Not Benedict but I just thought to myself doesn't Martin look lovely here?! I thought you'd appreciate it. :)

23 Reasons Why Martin Freeman Is A Wonderful English Gift To Humanity | #7 He actually loves Christmas too.

MAX 60 Seconds with Martin Freeman (The Hobbit). I think this is the funniest interview I have ever seen!