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I Am Sherlocked

Sherlock Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch Suit

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Freeman 3

Hello Martin

Freeman Style

Not Benedict but I just thought to myself doesn't Martin look lovely here?! I thought you'd appreciate it. :)

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Martin Freeman - this is a fangirl moment. He's on a Zooey Deschanel level of adorkable. He's brilliant. He's funny. I must just accept that I will likely have the entire cast of Sherlock on here.

Martin Ffrrreeeman

Martin Freeman Sexy

Mister Martin

Sassy Martin

Christopher Freeman

Hamish Freeman

Takie Tam

Magnificent Actors

Else'S Pin

Martin Freeman. This is someone else's pin, but I, Bethany, am wondering; could Martin portray Scotty's father??

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Sherlock And John

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Kid Brother

John Fandom

Martin Freeman Kids

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Benedict And Martin

:) Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman from Sherlock BBC

Martin Freeman Cute

Freeman Adorable

Martín Freeman

Cumberbooty Sherlock

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Adorable Man

So Cute

Man 3

This Man


Face Tho

Martin'S Face

Dat Face

Freeman Xd

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Can'T Stop Laughing

Martin'S Kids


I love how the guy behind him is just casually carrying a kid in each arm.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Movie

Martin Freeman Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

God 3

Dear God

Sassy Martin

Martin O'Malley

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Total Babe

Senseless Giggling

Martin Freeman in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot | In theatres March 4, 2016

Benedict Cumberbatch Otter

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Sherlock Benedict Martin

Watson Benedict

Sherlock Otter

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Nerdy Stuff

Martin Freeman. John Watson. Benedict Cumberbatch. Sherlock Holmes. Hedgehog. Otter.

Martin Lovin

Sassy Martin

Martin Freeeeeman

Sherlock Actors

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Sherlock Ben

Sherlock Johnlock

Martin'S Response

Correct Response

Martin's response to the question: "Why are you so adorable?" (It's an unanswerable question. But a really good one.)

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Oh my gosh!!!! This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen! Martin Freeman hugging and kissing a kitty! <3 <3 The sheer cuteness is almost unbearable!!

Hobbit Coming

John Watson Martin Freeman

Martin Freeman Hobbit

Martin Freeman Hedgehog

John Watson Bbc

Perfect Xd

Tonight Show

Happy Dance


fullsailskipper: “There will come a day when I do not pin a gif of Martin Freemen dancing… BUT TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY! ”

sofemininefrom sofeminine

Sherlock will return for a fourth and fifth series

Martin Freemannnn

Martin Locked

Benedict Cumberbuns Martin

Sassy Martin

Mister Martin

Heart Martin

Sherlock Ben Martin

Martin Fangirl

Sherlock Cast


Hilarious Martin

It'S Hilarious

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Martin & R2D2. I don't even know what this is, but it's hilarious! Martin looks like he is psychic. :D

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Sexy Freeman

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Fucking Freeman

Martin Sexy

The delicious Martin Freeman.


An adorable picture…

Benedict S Face

Martin Benedict

Martin O'Malley

Benedict Cumberbatch And Martin Freeman

Benedict Cumberbatch Funny

Sherlock Cumberbatch

Laugh Martin

Cumberbatch Bromance

Martin Freeman Smile

This should be the cover for sherlock season 3

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Sherlock Stars

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Sherlock Cast

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Martin Freemannnnn

Sassy Martin

British Hotnessssss

British Actors

You know, I adore Benedict, he's so beautiful, but whew, Martin is no slouch! This picture makes my knees weak!

Martin Freeman'S

Sassy Martin

Martin Locked

Watson Martin

John Watson

Freeman Sweet

Freeman 3

Freeman Amanda

Fluffy Freeman

Hmmm....if I ever wanted to do a portrait of just Martin himself, I might just choose this one. :)

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Famous People


Freeman Loves

Gentlemen Martin

Dunn Photography

Middle Fingers

Cumberbatch Freeman

Martin Freeman, sorry for the fingers everyone but I do find his face very interesting in this photo.

Hobbit Face

The Hobbit Lotr

Rings The Hobbit

Hobbit Stuff

Hobbit Trilogy

Faces Xd

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Martin S Facial

Martin Freeman Hobbit

It looks like someone said to him "I can't believe you just did that" and that was his response

Lil Baby

Baby Pic

Baby Martin

Martin Martin

Martin Locked

Martin Freeman Young

Martin Freeman Hobbit

Freeman John

Hobbit Adventure

Martin Freeman - 1989 (so he's 18 years old) *squashes sudden desire to write collegelock fanfics*

Martin Freemannnnn

Martin Lovin

Marvelous Martin

Funny Martin

Martin Locked

Uncle Martin

Martin Amanda

Benedict Martin

Sherlock Bcc

Martin for Glamour. I don't really know which one of these pictures I like best.

Man Martin

Sass Martin

Martin You Re

Martin O'Malley

Martin Freeman Sass

Favourite English

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Alex Kingston

Sherlock Holmes

The king of sass- Okey River song and John Watson or Alex kingston And Martin Freeman, either way Awsome reason to pin


Martin Freeman, king of sass…

Freeman King

Sassy Freeman

Freeman Ladies

Freeman Gotta

Freeman Well

Sassy Martin Freeman Funny

Freeman Gif

Funny Things

Funny Stuff

Don't you hate it when you find a picture you like, and there's a typo in it?

Freeman Ladies

Middle Fingers



This Man

Can T

Bilbo Baggins



Yup. Every time he puts the ring on he puts it on this finger... So u get to see his personality.

The Berryfrom The Berry

Afternoon eye candy: Men in suits (35 photos)

He S Adorable

Adorable Hedgehog

So Cute


Adorable Martin

Hedgehog Smile

Adorable Seriously

Seriously Martin

The Hedgehog

Oh, I need a pocket Martin Freeman.