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Mary I of England (1516 - 1558). Queen of Spain from 1556 to 1558. She was the second wife of Philip II, but had no children with him. She had two false pregnancies.


Mary I of England, AKA Bloody Mary. She was the only child of Henry VIII and his first wife Catherine of Aragon who survived to adulthood.

Mary I of England with her husband King Phillip of Spain. She is known in posterity as "Bloody Mary" due to the Protestant Purges she brought to England.


Mary Tudor, the only surviving child of Henry and Katherine was born 18 Feb 1516 at the Palace of Placentia, Greenwich, London.

Women's History Month

Queen Mary I of England Holbein Portrait heir to King Henry VIII of England, succeeding her brother, Edward VI. Mary was the first queen to rule England in her own right with full coronation. She's also known for attempting to restore Roman Catholicism over Protestantism in England. Mary was removed from the succession during some periods of her childhood and early adulthood in her father's marriage disputes.


Queen Mary: aka "Bloody Mary", Caused Protestant to Flee England for Geneva Switzerland, Where They Published The English Geneva Bible.


Katherine of Aragon / Mother of Mary I of England Anne Boleyn / Mother of Elizabeth I of England Jane Seymour / Mother of Edward VI of England #tudors