Death certificate of Mary Jane Kelly (murdered by Jack the Ripper, 8-9 November 1888)

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Jack the Ripper's fifth, and most likely his final victim, Mary Jane Kelly a.k.a. Marie Jeanette Kelly, Mary Ann Kelly, Ginger, Fair Emma. Her Life & Death: IMAGE: A photo of the body of Mary Kelly, discovered in Miller's Court.

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Mary Jane Kelly (c. 1863 – 9 November 1888), also known as "Marie Jeanette" Kelly, "Fair Emma", "Ginger" and "Black Mary", is widely believed to be the fifth and final victim of the notorious unidentified serial killer Jack the Ripper, who killed and mutilated prostitutes in the Whitechapel area of London from late August to early November 1888.

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Mercedes Marie: The Story of Mary Jane Kelly by [Helston, Billy] Mary Jane Kelly, youngest victim of Jack the Ripper, sustained a murderous assault so horrific her lover could only identify her by her hair and eyes.

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