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Mary Magdalene - cured by Jesus of an unknown, severe illness; becomes the leader of a group of women disciples who follow Jesus, provide for him financially, and listen first-hand to Jesus' teachings; first witness of the Resurrection; first evangelist, since she is told by Jesus to 'tell the others'; she brings the news of the Resurrection to the other disciples, including Peter and John


In puris naturalibus: The Holy Grotto of St Mary Magdalene in Provence. I believe Mary Magdalene was one of the two most important women in the Bible & I can wait to visit the places where she lived after she came to France from Egypt.


Mary Magdalene: Jesus had cast out 7 demons from her and she became one of His most devoted followers, among a group of women who cared for the disciples. Jesus said of her: "Wherefore I say unto thee, Her sins which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much: but to whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little."-LK 7:47 KJV

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I AM the Magdalene. Walk With Me In Harmony

  Hello Everyone. This came in on The energy has been so powerful that it took me a few days to get it posted, but I share it with you now…and the Gateway continues….Enjoy: I AM the Mag…

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The Skull of Mary Magdalene in St Maximin Basilica in France

For centuries people have believed that this is the skull of Mary Magdalene, found in a crypt beneath a small church in France. But how did it get there?

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Mary Magdalene – Alchemist and High-Priestess of Hathor

Mary Magdalene – Alchemist and High-Priestess of Hathor? Interesting article on her and mysteries concerning her identity