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Mass kindergarten

Weight Worksheets- Non Standard Measurement / Kindergarten /Grade One Students

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Science - Using a Balance Scale... How Many Bears Does It Weigh?

This is a fun activity to explore the science of balance and weight in the classroom. Have the students use the classroom balance scales to see how much items from their pencil boxes weigh. Does it weigh 1 bear, 2 bears, 3 bears, or more? Your students will have fun weighing their school supplies and recording their data!

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Weighing In

These measuring weight activities are sure to keep your kindergarten and first graders engaged! My students were GLUED to this lesson! It's a must-do for sure!

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Kindergarten (Early Stage 1) YouTube video that shows heavy/light and balance on a seesaw. Good to compliment a Scale lesson - Early Stage 1 Mass Strand of the New South Wales K-6 Mathematics Syllabus.

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