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Material Design Light

The 9 Graphic Design Trends You Need to Be Aware of In 2016

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Material pendant

Lampshades from Nevvork. Designed by Noergaard & Kechayas. Material: cork, marble, concrete, terra-cotta and wood.

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Tom Dixon's Copper Shade is a lesson in elegance using form and purity of materials. I also like how he's taken an old world material traditionally used for cookware, and applied it to this thoroughly modern application - pendant lighting. #TomDixon #CopperShade

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Ashbee Design...PVC Ispiration...can light in random or patterned core holed PVC pipe...kinda interesting.

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Sophia Collier, River Under Me - 2012 Carved Acrylic

Author: Sophia Collier. i was impressed at the degree to which this waved pane of glass causes the passing light to mimic passing through water. It serves as a nice reminder of the more creative uses of opacity along with light and shadows. More

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#87-phenomenology peter zumthor designed to engage all our sense in the thermal baths by engaging the body of the user throughout the space. water, light, material...

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Ghost Story Ghost story is a linear of unprocessed Australian gum tree; it has an ability to form beauty from chaos and brings the outside in. Hanging above your head like a canopy, light streams through its branches offering a moonlit effect. Designer Mance Design Material Native Ghost Gum Branches

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"Luminescent acrylic tubes are supported by brass and nickel hardware. Wood and powder coated steel sections conceal all the electronics. Mini Endless can be hung end-to-end, side-to-side, or overlapped with the addition of custom-made steel hardware. The possibilities are endless."

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