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HUGE Collection of the BEST Math Card Games

A great collection of fun math card games! These are easy, and in most cases all you need is a deck of cards!

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6 Fun Math Games Using Cards

Are you after some more fun math games that you can use with your students? Maybe you’re teaching your kids about problem solving or you would like to develop their number work. I find math card games are a fantastic way for kids to practice and consolidate math skills, but in a non-threatening and highly motivational way. If you’re looking for some easy card games to provide consolidation of a concept you have already taught, I’m sharing my top 6 fun math games using cards.

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Workshop Wednesday: Math Card Games

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Math Card Games- Closest to... can be played with numbers consisting of 2 or more digits

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Close Call: An Addition Card Game

Create addition problems using critical thinking skills in this fun second grade math card game.

Slap It!: An Odds and Evens Card Game

Slap It! An Odds and Evens Card Game. It uses cards to reinforce concepts of odd and even, which in turn will help your child succeed in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

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End of the year dice/card games to give kids More

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Simple Math Card Games for Kids

Simple math card games that kids love to play! Perfect for kindergarten and first grade kids!

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Fun Math Card Game: Ways to Make 10

How to play make ten. A math card game for kids.

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Math Coach's Corner: give with deck of cards as year end gift, keep kids practicing math over the summer!

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