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Math critical thinking

Fix it Cards!

These fix it cards are the perfect higher order thinking tasks for your first or second grade students! Each math skill has 20 different cards where my students need to identify what is wrong on the card and explain how they fix it! I love these for whole group and small group math lessons!


Engage your students with this FREE end of the year math activity and get them practicing both their multi-digit multiplication skills and their critical thinking skills! Multi-Digit Multiplication Logic Puzzle {FREE} includes 26 problems and a logic puzzle for students to solve.


The math education sites I can't live without - tools for graphing, inquiry lessons, virtual manipulatives, and more!


Ready for an addictively fun brain game for kids?! This critical thinking activity is an easy way to apply countless math skills including place value, shape recognition, comparison, addition, telling time, math vocabulary and so. much. more. Which One Doesn’t Belong is an awesome math challenge for first or second graders. Be careful! There’s not just one right answer. This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Getting Ready To prepare


I will be using this as a bellringer sometimes to promote justifying and critical thinking. I also do a skill of the week. One is EXPLAIN!! I can't think of a better tool to help them build this skill. Math = Love: WODB: Which One Doesn't Belong?


Pyramid Math Puzzles: A Critical Thinking and Problem Solving FREEBIE! This is one of my favorite, go-to math extension activities! It motivates and engages my students (and their parents) every year! The activity can be completed at various levels of difficulty, so it is accessible for students of different ages and abilities.


color puzzles: fun math and logic for kids

color puzzles :: printable math puzzles :: fun math worksheets - Great to get those critical thinking skills working!


Critical thinking exit slips. Review critical thinking skills in just a few minutes each day. This is a useful resource for COGAT, Naglieri, and additional gifted assessments. Use this as a learning center activity to boost critical thinking skills and challenge advanced students.