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Math Olympiad Questions

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Math Brain Teaser Challenge! (

Sometimes the best classroom ideas come once textbooks are turned in, no new math lessons are in the plans, and the school year is winding down! This year, whether it was a result of creativity or tha


'When is Cheryl's birthday?' How to answer that viral math question from Singapore

A global math Olympiad problem has gone viral on Facebook.

Creative, unusual geometry questions are posted. Different versions of the questions present diverse difficuilty levels. Users / visitor are encouraged to participate, solve, evaluate, comment, and send new questions. In general: Free Geometry / Math / Physics / etc. questions will be listed in the site. Key words: Geometry, Free questions, Math, Physics, Creative Questions, Highschool Math, Math/Geometry Olympiads, Symmetry, Math/Geometry Esthethics.

“P5” logic question is actually a Math Olympiad question for Sec 3 and 4 students | Mothership.SG


Thinking about starting a "Problem of the Day" this year? Try out this FREE resource with 10 word problems in both powerpoint and printable forms!


The Legend Of Question Six One Of The Hardest Math Problems Ever

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If You Can Solve This Logic Test For School Kids You're Possibly A Genius

This is a logic test that was part of the Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad – a competition for teenagers.

Class 1 Model question papers for Maths Olympiad

Higher Level Critical Thinking - Free Geometry Download - Points, Lines, Planes, and Angles