Downloadable Math-U-See "mini office" or lapbook! So far she has primer and parts of Alpha and Beta available for free to download (she's a busy homeschool mom, too). Yay!! THIS is what I've been looking for amidst my other math pins. :) (from ecomomicalme)

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Why oh why oh WHY have I never thought to organize Math-U-See blocks in a tackle box like this?? So SMART.

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A Learning Journey: Math U See Race to 100 Game and Update MUS Alpha lesson 15

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Head over to Ecomomical Me for this free printable Math-U-See Mini Office. Find more free homeschool math resources!

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Of all the curriculum that we have used over our ten years of homeschooling, Math U See is one program that I can’t imagine homeschooling without.

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We’re excited to introduce our often-requested Math-U-See Manipulatives app for math instruction on the go.

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Math-U-See ... Our goal is to help produce confident problem solvers who enjoy the study of math. The reason we study math is so we can apply what we learn in everyday situations. The students learn their math facts, rules, and formulas, and are able to use this knowledge in real life applications. The study of math is much more than committing a list of facts to memory. It includes memorization, but it also encompasses learning the concepts that are critical to problem solving.

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