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Math wiz

The 2 Teaching Divas: Math About Me!! Very cute, hands-on craftivity just right for back to school! Learn all about your new students and the math in their lives! Makes a very cute display and covers a variety of standards! Inside this pack there are 4 different Math about Me pages (ranging from easy to more difficult) and 9 different kids to choose from.


Hey Diddle Diddle Mean, Mode, and Median

Math Mean Median Mode Rhyme-- check it out! Can anyone think of a few more verses?


Fun Math Game To make this more challenging for middle schoolers I was adjust the challenge so that students must create 1 expression using all the numbers, this way they need to consider Order of Operations


Multiplication Facts Organization - Use a simple coupon holder to store your multiplication facts. Students who need to study have a quick and easy access to the cards.