Oh my goodness, this little girl is so cute as Matilda. Good stage presence too. How is she only 9? // Elise Blake (Matilda) @ West End Live 2013 - Naughty

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Matilda West End marquee in Covent Garden, London. Taken in 2015, the show played at the Cambridge Theatre.

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Cynric-King of Wessex-son of Cerdic~King from 534-560. During his reign it is said that he captured Old Sarum and that in 556 he and his son Ceawlin won a battle against the Britons at Beranburh (Barbury Castle).

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Most of us see the message, look to see if it is from someone we know, then hit the SPAM icon to report and delete the message.

Matilda: The Musical. Currently running in the West End in the United Kingdom and on Broadway in the United States, with upcoming national tours in the US and Australia.

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