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Description de Matt Frewer sur Andrew Lee Potts en Chapelier dans la version Syfy d'Alice: "Andrew est génial. Il est une sorte d'homme fort un peu crâneur mais en même temps très agréable. Les filles vont l'adorer en chapelier". Je confirme !


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Max Headroom - This futurist show (20 minutes into the future) was way ahead of its time. This show was cyberpunk before the term was coined, and, along with John Brunner's novel,"The Shockwave Rider", showed us future shock.

from io9

The Surprise Hero of The Librarians Is John Larroquette

This episode cemented more than anything that this show's true hero is John Larroquette. Both the actor and his character. Seriously, no one is funnier on this show than Larroquette and this week we learned that he's the Big Good to Matt Frewer's Big Bad. There are worse people to rest your show on, I guess.


Max Headroom - early 80's this was such a sick comedy kind of show for the times... but MAX became VERY popular...


Matt Frewer turns into Max Headroom. That last photo creeps me out. A 3-dimensional Max Headroom that lives outside of the TV? God help us all if that should become a thing…

Matt Frewer is best know for his futuristic and glitchy character in the 80's TVs show "Max Headroom."