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from Great British Chefs

Hot chocolate fondant with Brakspear black stout ice cream and cocoa nib tuile

This luxurious chocolate fondant recipe by Matt Weedon features the surprisingly delicious combination of stout and ice cream, which perfectly complements the oozing warm fondant.

from Great British Chefs

Pulled pork buns with apple and smoked bacon

For the ultimate pulled pork recipe, Matt Weedon cooks three different cuts of pork in a water bath for tender pulled pork, and serves his pulled pork in a bun with apple and bacon.

From L to R, himself, my lady wife, welcoming Rachel and Matt Weedon to the team Early March 2013.

To him: I want you to wrap your arms around her tightly and kiss her shoulder To her: I didn't tell him to touch you THERE....!!! (always result in laughter)