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GRACE -- "Poured Out 2" by Amy Johnson, 2013. "An art quilt depicting the emotions I went through while my husband battled cancer. The jug and water depict the love of God and those who helped us during a trying time, while the background is quilted with thorny vines and designs to create words in the black sateen of the negative emotions that threatened to choke the life out of me. In the end, the living water and love washed away those painful feelings as my husband made a full recovery."


Maundy Thursday is the fifth day of Holy Week leading up to Easter, which remembers the Last Supper with Jesus and His disciples. We call this event the “Last Supper” because it is one of Jesus’ final meals with His disciples before He is crucified. They had gathered for Passover Supper, which set an important context for what Jesus did at the Last Supper.


HOLY THURSDAY (MAUNDY THURSDAY) : JESUS' AGONY IN THE GARDEN ~~ Click on the pic to access a short history of Holy Thursday (Maundy Thursday) as I have posted it in my growing collection of "Observances : Holy Week" pics in my Facebook Photo Albums. Please "Friend" me or "Follow" me while you're there.