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Max Baer Jr., Actor: The Beverly Hillbillies. The son of former heavyweight boxing champion Max Baer, Max Baer Jr. is a classic (except probably to him) example of Hollywood typecasting. Known around the world as "Jethro Bodine" in the smash TV series The Beverly Hillbillies (1962), Baer did not find work as an actor in Hollywood for three years after the Hillbillies went off the air. Baer finally had to put himself to work as an actor in ...


The Beverly Hillbillies is an American situation comedy originally broadcast for nine seasons on CBS from 1962 to 1971, starring Buddy Ebsen, Irene Ryan, Donna Douglas, and Max Baer, Jr.


Prizefighting's Heavyweight Champion of the World for 364 days. He knocked out champion Primo Carnera on 14 June 1934, but lost a title decision to Jimmy Braddock on 13 June 1935. Later, he appeared in films and on television, often portraying ruffian types. (Easy for a man who in his boxing career had inflicted 50 KOs.) Father to Max Baer Jr. better known as Jethro Bodine in the Beverly Hillbillies.