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The Scary Maze Game is a popular scare prank and shock site typically presented to the viewer as a flash-based puzzle game requiring a high level of concentration, shortly before disturbing the unsuspecting player with a closeup image of a ghastly-looking woman and audio clip of an extremely loud scream. One of the oldest well-known “bait-and-switch” scare pranks to date, the scary maze game has inspired dozens of scary prank reaction videos on YouTube and elsewhere online.

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30 Page Thanksgiving Activities for Kids Printable Pack

30 Page Thanksgiving Activities for Kids Printable Pack with 4 Puzzle Pages, 8 Coloring Pages, 4 Hats, 1 Turkey themed Board Game, 2 Mazes, name tags


Bar Fight - - A Bar Fight has broken out at in this multiplayer skill game you will need to try your best to stop it by smashing the head of the guy who started with a bottle. Be careful not to do so to the police as well.rnUse S and the Down arrow key to play. - fight games, fighting games for kids, fighting games online, online fighting games, play fighting games, police games

A Maze Yin - Play A Maze Yin Pro Map Editor game online. ( Pro Map Editor, Puzzle, boxe, sokoban game, pathway, exit, Forest, move boxes, top puzzle game ).

Wizard of Wor - Play "Wizard of Wor" arcade game online. ( bally, arcade, retro, midway, pixel, classic, Maze, labyrinth, Worluks, Bally Midway machines, 80s, icon, best arcades games ).