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jung typology test™ a free test is based on carl jung’s & isabel briggs myers’ typological approach to personality. 72 yes or no questions. took me just a few minutes. go with your first instinct. estj. istj. estp. istp. entj. intj.entp. intp. esfj. isfj. esfp. isfp. enfj. infj. enfp. infp.

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FREE Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator. After completing the questionnaire, you will obtain: Your personality type according to Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers typology along with your personality strengths of the preferences. A description of your personality type. A list of occupations and careers fitting for your personality type.

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Myers Briggs Personality Test (Free Online) I'm an ENFP--It would be cool to do this with my students!

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Take this free Myer Briggs test to discover your MBTI type. Of every MBTI test online, you'll find this one to be refreshingly short and simple! via @LonerWolf

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14 free online personality tests that'll help point you in the right direction There's so much you don't know about yourself.

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This personality test was FASCINATING! I can't believe all I learned about myself. My friends hate me because I can't shut up about this test. TAKE IT!

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Free Myers Briggs Jungian typology test online. Took this test and there is still no change. I am and shall always be, an INFJ.

INFJ’s, however, tend to prefer writing analytically, non-fiction works. They tend to observe the world around them and make deductions, pinpointing occurrences as they understand them via their Ni. They are really more like scientists than artists (a similar comparison would hold true for INTJs and INTPs).

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