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Elle King sings "I Told You I was Mean" - Legends of La La Absolutely brilliant- amazing voice

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15 Gargoyles Who Partied Way Too Hard Last Night

Gargoyle, from the French gargouille, likely to mean "throat" or "gullet Latin gurgulio, gula, gargula ("gullet" or "throat") and similar words derived from the root gar, "to swallow", which represented the gurgling sound of water ( Portuguese garganta, "throat"; gárgola, "gargoyle gutter."


Avenged Sevenfold hail to the king album so perfectly captures the spirit of the Diablo series more specifically haill to the king and this means war.


Thug Behram or Buhram - aka (Buhram Jemedar ca 1765 –1840) and 'King of the Thugs' a leader of the Thuggee cult active in Oudh in northern central India during the late 18th and early 19th century, involved in up to 931 murders by strangulation, performed with a ceremonial cloth, or rumal, which in Hindi means handkerchief.


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Takigawa Yoshino, Yoshino's setup and behavior includes allusions to Horatio from Hamlet, who is the eponymous protagonist's closest friend and confidant. It also includes allusions to Ariel from The Tempest, who works behind the scenes and serves as the magician's primary means of communication and obtaining information.