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Meaning Of Destruction

KALI is the Hindu mother goddess, symbol of dissolution and destruction. She destroys ignorance, maintains the world order, and blesses and frees those who strive for the knowledge of God. In the Vedas the name is associated with Agni, the god of fire, who had seven flickering tongues of flame, of which Kali was the black, horrible tongue. This meaning of the word has meanwhile been replaced by the goddess Kali, the grim consort of Shiva. (x)


I am the architect of my own destruction. Maybe a little too wordy for a tattoo but i love the quote


Initially, Ophelia becomes brokenhearted when Hamlet ends their relationship, insulting her and recommending that she should become a nun. Her broken heart causes her to travel on a slippery slope between sanity and insanity because she loves him so much and he means so much to her. After the death of Polonius, caused my Hamlet, she truly becomes mad. Ultimately, she commits suicide and it becomes clear that hamlet is the cause of her destruction…

from Mail Online

The most desolate city on Earth: Take a tour of the ghostly Battleship Island crumbling into the sea off the coast of Japan

Gunkanjima is a deserted island of concrete that is slowly crumbling away on Japan's west coast.


manifesto das almas livres

"Só que uma mente que se expande nunca mais volta ao seu tamanho original, certo? Uma alma que se liberta do físico nunca mais se encaixa no mesmo corpo. E entre a saudade do que não foi vivido e a inquietude de uma alma livre... Bom, eu fico com a segunda opção."