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Meaning Of Exodus

“Pharaoh” is the Egyptian loan word that means the “Great House” and is the most frequently used Egyptian loan word in the biblical text. Appearing 274 times, about half of these are in the Exodus narrative and another third in the Joseph story. But to what extent does the biblical “Pharaoh” describe the Egyptian king, and can it be taken in Exodus to refer to a specific Egyptian king?

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When God revealed himself to Moses at the burning bush and commanded that Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt Moses asked for God to tell Him who He should say commanded him to do so. God simply responded by saying "I am who I am". Simply stated and so powerful...He is unchanging. His wisdom spans the ages and His promises give meaning and direction to our lives. He is constant and enduring and His word is eternal. He has always been and always will be. The beginning and the end. He…

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The TRUE meaning of the Hurricane (Her-ricane), the spirit of the African woman who has been stolen, beaten, raped, murdered and thrown overboard the slave ships en route to enslaved lands. This is why all hurricanes start at the same point of exodus of Africa, the post of the Atlantic Slave Trade, and hit every stop where slaves were sold. All through the Carribean and American coasts etc..

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Everything You Need To Know About Exodus

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Yahweh I Am That I Am Plaque from Significat

The mind-blowing Scripture verse from Exodus 3:14, in which God reveals His name (YHWH, "I am that I am") to Moses, is captured onto this beautiful wall decor sign. The Bible plaque features the Hebrew letters of the tetragrammaton, along with the text "I am that I am" from Exodus 3:14, laser...

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