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Meaning Of Flock

Sheep are strongly associated with Imbolc (not just because it is cold and people wrap up in woollies). Imbolc is the descendent of the Gaelic word oimelc, meaning ewes milk. Ewes begin to conceive or give birth to lambs and so produce milk for their babies. Like new leaves in spring, it was a strong sign of renewal, nourishment, and hope. These sheep were vital for the survival of the community and provided spiritual inspiration for them also


The Many-coloured rush tyrant (Tachuris rubrigastra) or Many-colored rush tyrant is a small passerine bird of South America belonging to the tyrant flycatcher family. It is the only member of the genus Tachuris and its relationships with the other members of the family are uncertain.


Wow... This would look most awesome parked in our driveway, next to the pink flamingo-themed VW bug I just pinned - and of course with the full megaflock of 50 flamingos in the front yard. There would be absolutely no doubt left in anyone's mind that I AM the Crazy Flamingo Lady! ;-)


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